Why HSBC provides Expat Mortgage

When you want to invest abroad and diversify asset portfolio via mortgages there are only few lenders in the global market asIt is difficult to get a mortgage, if you are earning in foreign currency and living abroad.

Banks or lenders with a global presence can help you avail Mortgage as an Expat. If someone is looking for availing mortgage for investment abroad then there are only few banks or lenders who provides Mortgages for expats. One of them is HSBC.

HSBC is equipped with latest technologies and trends to assist customers

As a Bank HSBC primary source of income is from mortgage interest and to maximize the mortgage lending and income, HSBC provides mortgages to Expat customers also.

As HSBC is managing accounts of its millions of customers/ Account holders, So to increase their services to customers who are interested in investing abroad via mortgage. HSBC is focused in providing mortgages to expats in order to increase their asset portfolio and minimize risk over various geographies.

HSBC was established in 1865, as Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation and then onwards its growing its market globally, and Currently HSBC is one of the global leaders in Banking and Financial Services with headquarters in London and 235k+ employees working globally, and having presence over 70 countries with 4500+ offices globally.

HSBC global presence helps you avail mortgage globally for expats due to various reasons: