Growth of Expats Mortgages

What is Expat Mortgage?

An Expat Mortgage is a type of Mortgage - for citizens living, working abroad, and earning in foreign currency.

When an individual wants to invest abroad via Mortgage, then he should apply for Expat Mortgage.

For Example - If a Canadian Citizen working in the USA wants to invest in assets like - property in India by taking a mortgage. Then his Mortgage is categorized in Expat Mortgage.

Expat Mortgage Market History

In the 19th Century, globalization Occurred; people started to migrate to various countries around the world. In the mid-20th-century, demand for Mortgage arose. In the late 20th Century, Expats started taking mortgages to invest in foreign countries.

In the early 21st Century, global banks and financial institutions started providing Mortgages for Expats in a simplified manner, and it became a Multi-Billion dollar Industry as years pass by.

Expat Mortgage Growth


As per - “We have 500+ Companies providing Expat Mortgages around the world.” National Association of Realtors quotes - “$19 Bn Canadian Dollar is spent on USA real estate.”

According to a report by Finaccord, There are 66.2 million Expatriates worldwide as of 2017, which are potential clients for Expat Mortgage Lenders, and the number is increasing at a compound rate of 5.8% annually since 2013. By 2021, The number will reach around 87.5 million Expats.

Deloitte report says - Expats investing in foreign countries via Expat mortgage accounts for around $140 Bn. It’s expected to grow more YoY.

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