Simplified Global Mortgages at Best Interest Rates

XB Fin Corp helps borrowers invest and diversify portfolios globally by providing the Best service at Low-interest rates, and Lenders can Expand their assets and risk over multiple geographies.

Lowest Interest Rate

Upto 4.5%

Global Banking


Collective Experience

100+ years

Why XB Fin Cop ?

Over a hundred years of collective experience in the banking industry and global partnerships.

Low-Interest Rates On Mortgage

Isn’t 4.5% interest rate better than 9%? XB Fin Corp makes it possible to get the best interest rate for global mortgages through Global Arbitrage, Currency Futures, and technology.

Faster Processing

Our Global Partnerships and networks, we are able to run credit risk quickly and speed up the mortgage process.

Secure Global

Utilizing the best technology for managing cross currency and cross jurisdictional compliances for asset securitization.

Getting mortgages as an Expat is now easier

With XB Fin Corp, you can apply and get a mortgage for your dream real estate property now easier, faster than ever before. We are here to simplify the process of borrowing money from a domestic bank as an expat.

  • Lower Interest Rates than native origin

  • Faster Cross Jurisdictional Compliances

  • Lower Down Payments

  • Secure Global Transac

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Expand your portfolio globally now as a domestic bank

XB Fin Corp makes it possible to assess the risk and hedge the risk in lending money to expats. Become a partner to expand your portfolio globally and hedge the risk in lending to expats.

  • Faster Expat Credit Assessment

  • Global Lending Opportunity

  • Risk Hedging using Currency Futures

  • Smoother Cross Jurisdictional Compliances

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XB Fin Corp is a bridge between expats and domestic banks. We are working with

  • Individuals working as an Expat

  • Domestic Banks looking to go global

  • Investors

  • Financial Institutions


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